Season Tickets Are Here

Yesterday, I received an email that the 2010 season tickets were ready for pick-up. This morning before work, I headed over to the ballpark to pick mine up. Once again, I was greeted by friendly, professional staff at the Hoppers Yard and someone quickly retrieved my packet. I signed for my tickets and was one my way.

In addition to my tickets, my packet included information about how to sign up for the online account I can use to manage my tickets — it will allow me to print out copies of my tickets if I lose them, email tickets to other people if I’m not going to use them, etc. After poking around the website a little bit, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to manage it without a problem, but I’m still going to go to the training session they’re having next week.

The tickets themselves are really cool — they’re sturdier and look nicer than a normal ticket. I’m almost going to hate tearing them out of the booklet to use them. Maybe I’ll just print out duplicates from my online account.

Anyway, enjoy these pictures of the tickets. I’ll enjoy looking at them while I count down the 22 days until Opening Day.

Season Ticket Booklet

Season Tickets

See ya at the ballpark!



  1. Greg

    Mike —

    Yes, the Hoppers are in the SAL. I’ve been to Charleston, too — love how the stadium is right on the river — and am planning on heading down there again this year. I might manage to hit Savannah, too.

    I’m pretty blessed in Greensboro. In addition to Hoppers games, I’m able to easily hit up games in several nearby cities. Last year, I hit up several Winston-Salem and Durham games. I expect to manage a few more this year, too.

    If you’re ever in the Greensboro area when we’re having a home game, drop me a line — I’d love to host you at our awesome ballpark.

    I added a link to your blog in the sidebar of Hoppers Fan.

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