Hoppers Game Calendar

I want a way to keep up with when the Hoppers are playing and against whom. Sure, I can use the nice PDF calendar from the official website. Or I can use the schedule on MiLB.com. Or I can even refer to a handy pocket schedule. However, none of those options accomplish what I’d really like to do: have the schedule integrated with the calendars on my computer and my phone.

So I used the schedule at MiLB.com to made my own calendars with Google – one for home games, and one for away games. I went ahead and made them public, so anyone can subscribe to them.

Home Games:
Away Games:

Finally, here’s an calendar embedded right in the website. I think it needs to be wider in order to get the team information to display properly in “month” view, but its the best I could do given the constraints of the width of this column in the blog. It’s OK, the “Agenda” view looks pretty good. I also added the embedded calendar to the “About Me” page on the blog, so it will always be convenient.


I hope some other fans find the calendar useful. Let me know if you notice any mistakes or have suggestions for improvement. Thanks!

See ya at the ballpark!


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