2010 Season Ticket

My season ticket seat: Section 104, Row Q, Seat 1

Yesterday, I bought a season ticket for the 2010 season. I’ll be attending as many games as I can this year, and when I do, I’ll be sitting in Section 104, Row Q, Seat 1. It’s an aisle seat, so I’ll be able to easily stretch out my leg if I need to. It’s behind the Hoppers dugout, high enough so that I’ll be able to see over the dugout net for most of the action on the field. I’m really excited about it.

This is my first year as a season ticket holder, so I wasn’t entirely sure what was involved with getting a ticket. My account representative is Kate, and she’s as nice as can be. I initially talked to her in December to find out about ticket options. She gave me all sorts of information about the different options that are available. It gave me some things to think about. Then, the holidays came and I got really busy. I never followed up about getting a ticket. Kate emailed me earlier this week to see if I was still interested in a ticket. I got back in touch with her and arranged to come by the ballpark yesterday afternoon to talk about the details.

I arrived at the ballpark and was quickly met by Kate, who had a big chart that showed which seats were already sold and which ones were still available. We headed out to the stands and I walked around, sitting in several seats, trying to decide what area I wanted to sit in. I knew I wanted to be in the infield area on the third base side, mostly because that section gets the shade quicker. On hot summer days, that will be a big plus. Several rows still had aisle seats available, so I quickly gravitated to checking those out. The first seat I previewed was on Row H, and had a great view of the field, but I was looking through a net on top of the dugout. That was pretty distracting, so I went further up in the section and checked out the view from Row Q. The third baseline was still partially obscured by the net, but the rest of the field looked great. This is the seat I decided on, and I think I’m going to be extremely happy watching games from that vantage point.

After making that decision, Kate and I headed back to the Hoppers Yard gift shop to finalize all the paperwork. Kate also reviewed some of the other perks associated with being a season ticket holder: the opportunity to buy tickets to the Marlins-Hoppers exposition game before they go on sale to the public, a meet-n-greet opportunity with the team a few weeks before the season starts, and a few other interesting perks. I’ll be writing all about them as the season progresses.

Kate tells me that I will be receiving a booklet with all my tickets sometime in the next few weeks, as well as start receiving email notifications and newsletters from the team. I’m excited about it — only 56 more days until Opening Day!

Here’s the view from my seat:

View from my season ticket seat.

See ya at the ballpark!



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